TUTUS Security

Property Protection and Private Detective Ltd.




There is no problem with an office building, a commercial center, a logistics and industrial park, a hotel or a sports and event center until an event overshadows its operation. Whether it’s disorder, crime, intrusion by unauthorized people, it could be an accident, and it could even be because they didn’t replace a light bulb, forgot to repair the faucet, or neglected cleaning.

What are the consequences for a business if it operates in an unsafe environment if its employees and visitors are forced to stay in a messy, dirty environment?
Not only is its reputation damaged, a lack of security also hampers the performance of its employees, not to mention the enormous cost it has to pay in the end due to long-neglected building maintenance.

All of this can be avoided by entrusting property protection and building maintenance to a “careful owner”.

We founded our company the TUTUS Security Ltd. in 1997. Our main purpose was to provide a reliable, trustworthy service for our partners on all fields of property protection. The TUTUS Security Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian owned , private company running a 24 hour dispatcher service.

As a result of our trustworthy and high quality service we constantly receive assignments not only at Pécs and in the southern-Dunántúl region , but also in territories between the river Duna and Tisza. Our main goal is to create a network covering the whole country.

Our greatest virtue is our trustworthyness, dedication and precision , values that we demand also from our employees.

One of the indispensible conditions of constant high quality service is the continuous training of our employees.

In order to provide efficient activity  and control we have implemented both for our property protection and cleaning service the systems of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001, and the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 , and OHSA 18001:2007.

In building protection and event security – beside our own guards – we regularly employ  in substantial numbers  licecenced members of Hungarian law enforcement authorities.


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